Improve Team Productivity by 40% or More With Your New Custom App!! 


The Team Mobilizer app, professional version, is exactly what I’ve been waiting for to train and work with my team!!

Kiannaa Leighland

Platinum, Young Living Essential Oils

I can’t WAIT to use the professional version of the Team Mobilizer app with my team!!  Websites and blogs are declining, and Facebook is overcrowded and distracting.  The future of team training is THIS APP!!

Kayla Howard

Gold, Young Living Essential Oils

Dear Network Marketing leader,

How do you work with and train your team??  I’m sure you’ve noticed that email is dying a slow and painful death.  We have various systems for conducting live trainings.  But most of us today have become reliant on Facebook groups.  I have to admit – the Facebook group was definitely a game-changer for my personal team!  But by now I’ve become very familiar with the many limitations of using Facebook as the primary training platform for my team.

First off, there is a whole chunk of my team who don’t use Facebook, or use it very sporadically.  So they will never be able to participate with the bulk of my team’s interactions and trainings.

Next, even if team members are on Facebook, there is a good chance that a huge percentage of them will miss any given post.  Unless people are regularly liking and commenting on posts in your team group, the Facebook algorithm deletes your posts from their feeds and they will never see them. 

Lastly, and most significantly in my opinion, of the small percentage of team members who SEE a post, what percentage do you think actually take action on any suggested tasks we post about??

Here’s the thing – when the average person is on Facebook, they are in BROWSING mode, NOT productivity mode!  Even for the rare breed of person who is in Facebook for the purpose of working their business, how easy is it for them to stay focused?  Facebook is notorious for pulling our attention in ten directions at once!  There are the kitty videos, the political debates, the pictures of our college roommate’s new baby, and the fascinating drama of friends’ lives!

Our people want training available at the touch of their smartphone.  And WE want a way to encourage productivity in our teams!!

This is why an app for your team is a winning solution.  After all, research has shown that apps can increase productivity by up to 40% or more!  Apps are the wave of the future and are rising in prominence worldwide at the same time as websites and blogs are on the massive decline!  This is why I am creating the professional version of the Team Mobilizer app!!  

Are You Ready to Use a Team Training & Productivity Platform That Will Hold Team Members’ Hands So You Don’t Have To?? 

Investment – $399 $299 one-time set-up fee (limited time special) and then a $99 maintenance fee after the first year for the team leader.

It’s $5.99/year for members of team leader’s organization access their leader’s custom app!

Still Have Questions About the App??

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