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 Grab the Team Mobilizer App NOW and BETA TEST with us, and I will give the first 30 team leaders $249 in BONUSES for FREE!!!

 Ditch the Facebook Group and Get Your Own Team App!

If you are a leader in Young Living and have been using a Facebook group for team communication and training, listen up!!  

I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that Facebook is dying as censorship has gone completely out of control, and it has become more a place for expressing political views than a place your team wants to congregate and interact on a daily basis.  I know you are probably tired of the toxicity of Facebook bleeding over into your business!  But we need something to take it’s place FAST!!

The good news is that a few years back, I began to see the need for such a system and now finally we are beginning our soft launch of the app!!  Get the NEW & IMPROVED Team Mobilizer app NOW for $35/month or $350/year and free yourself and your team from censorship, distractions, data harvesting, and annoying ads! 

Have a central portal for your team where you and your members can post, like, and comment, send out push notifications with important announcements that will bypass the noise and go strait to your team members’ phones, plus provide your team members with business tools needed to start their businesses off on the right foot!

Have a place where both product and business trainings can be scheduled to go out automatically to various groups on your team, and team members can “like” and comment on it!!


We are in the final stages of BETA TESTING the Team Mobilizer app!!   Be among the FIRST 30 LEADERS to grab your first month’s subscription now ($35) and test with us helping us iron out any remaining kinks, and I will throw in $249 in BONUSES!

  • Get 3 YL Business Tools presentation scripts for yourself and your team to share Young Living – YL CBD script, Preparedness with Essential Oils script, and Young Living Overview, 2020 (Essential Oils 101 script with added promotion of business opportunity – this script is not available anywhere else!!!) $50 VALUE FREE!!

  • FREE 30 day trial subscription for up to 100 team members (after that, it is $1/month or $8/year for full access.  Basic access is free indefinitely)! $100 VALUE FREE!!

  • PLUS all 22 VIDEOS in my Young Living Business Boot Camp!! 

– Video 1 – Why Build a YL Business?

– Video 2 – How & Why to Build Your List

– Video 3 – How to Connect with People Like the Pro’s

– Video 4 – Keys for Inviting People to Take a Look at YL

– Video 5 – How to Close People & the Importance of Follow Up

– Video 6 – How to Enroll & Get Someone Started

– Video 7 – Duplication 101

– Video 8 – How to Set Your Schedule for Success

– Video 9 – Pro’s & Con’s of Different Presentation Types

– Video 10 – FDA Compliance 101

– Video 11 – The Power of Testimonials

-Video 12 – The Beauty of Failure (Learn How to Fail Well & Push Forward to Success)

– Video 13 – How You Make Money in YL (Comp Plan Essentials)

– Video 14 – Presentation Magic

– Video 15 – The Art of Edification

– Video 16 – Diamond in 2-4 Years

– Video 17 – How to Handle a Bad Day in Business

– Video 18 – Nurturing Product Users on Your Team

– Video 19 – Sharing YL on Social Media

– Video 20 – Business Nuts & Bolts

– Video 21 – Pump up Your Business with YL Silver Bound Bonuses (coming soon!!)

– Video 22 – Building YL in our Modern Market (coming soon!!)


Watch our Demo Video of the NEW & IMPROVED Team Mobilizer App ➡️

 NEW & IMPROVED Team Mobilizer App


$35/month or $350/year!!

  • Give your team a CENTRAL PORTAL FOR POSTS & COMMUNICATION – like a Facebook group, but without the censorship and politics!
  • COMMUNICATE directly with team members subscribed to your app through push notifications that they can “like” and comment on!
  • Give your team ESSENTIAL BUSINESS TOOLS to encourage people to share and help them get results!
  • Set up both product and business TRAININGS to go out automatically to new app subscribers, business builders, or other groups!!

  • ACT NOW TO GET $249 IN BONUSES – Be among the FIRST 30 LEADERS to get the app NOW, and we will also throw in 3 valuable presentations scripts to build your business with and share with your team so they can build – YL CBD oil, Preparedness with Essential Oils, and an ALL NEW YL Overview (Essential Oils 101 with business opportunity)!!!

  • PLUS 1 month FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS for up to 100 people on your team!!

  • AND my YL Business Boot Camp Video Series with 22 POWER-PACKED videos on business essentials for ALL YL members!

YES, I want my custom team app for  $35/month or $350/year!!

I understand that, upon purchase, I will get immediate access to the 3 bonus presentation scripts and the 1st 20 videos in the Business Boot Camp.  I will also get immediate access to my team app and free 30-day subscriptions for 100 of my team members!  Videos 21 & 22 of the Business Boot Camp will be completed and delivered in November 2020!