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With your custom app (PRO version for leaders), you get an online portal to manage your team app and upload all your team videos, trainings, scripts, and documents to your team’s CUSTOM RESOURCE LIBRARY that your team members can access easily from their device.  No more searching through months of post in a Facebook group to find that one video!

You can bypass the noise and congestion of email and Facebook and connect with team members directly with PUSH NOTIFICATIONS that ding on their phone with announcements, tips, and tasks!  

And in the professional version each team member not only has their own PROSPECT LIST BUILDER and PROSPECT MANAGER, but they are able to schedule specific steps of sharing YL effectively with individual prospects for a future date to show up on their TASK LIST.  No more forgetting who you were supposed to follow up with and when!

The cost for team members to subscribe to their leader’s custom app (PRO version for members) is $5.99 per YEAR, making it accessible to everyone!!

Are You Ready to Use a Team Training & Productivity Platform That Will Hold Team Members’ Hands So You Don’t Have To?? 

In addition to getting your own custom app for your team, you will receive:

The YL Business Tools presentation scripts (12 scripts, digital format – $1,000 value for team license), 

  • Essential Oils 101
  • Essential Oils for Babies & Children
  • Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Essential Oils for Animals
  • Essential Oils for Stress & Emotional Upheaval (Feelings Kit class)
  • Skincare & Beauty with YL (hands-on ART Skincare & Savvy Minerals class)
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight with YL (Slique class & MORE)
  • How to Create a Toxin-Free Home (Thieves products class)
  • Optimal Fitness with YL
  • Essential Oils & More for Natural Personal Care
  • NingXia Products for Supported Health
  • Cooking with Essential Oils

PLUS our 1-month YL business builders boot camp (20 videos by YL Gold Julie Behling-Hovdal, $300 value) to add to your app!

Videos topics are:

  • Video 1 – Top 10 Reasons to Build a YL Business
  • Video 2 – The #1 First Thing That Every Successful Business Builder Does (build their prospecting list)
  • Video 3 – What EVERY Successful YL Business Builder Does (aka How to Connect with People)
  • Video 4 – How to Ask a Prospect Out on a Date (aka The Invite)
  • Video 5 – The EASIEST Step, If you Did the Others Right (aka The Close)
  • Video 6 – How to Enroll & Get a New Person Started in YL
  •  Video 7 – Duplication 101
  • Video 8 – How to Set Your Schedule for Productivity
  • Video 9 – Pro’s & Con’s of Different Presentation Types
  • Video 10 – FDA Compliance 101
  • Video 11 – The Power of Testimonials
  • Video 12 – The Beauty of Failure
  • Video 13 – How You Make Money & Advance in Rank (aka The Comp Plan)
  • Video 14 – Presentation Magic (how to get duplication with presentations)
  • Video 15 – How to Get Prospects & Team Members to LISTEN to You (aka Edification)
  • Video 16 – How to Make Diamond in 2-4 Years
  • Video 17 – How to Handle a Bad Day in Business
  • Video 18 – Nurturing Product Users on Our Team
  • Video 19 – Sharing YL on Social Media
  • Video 20 – Business Nuts & Bolts

Still Have Questions About the App??

If you are attending Convention, join me for a LIVE overview of the Team Mobilizer App on Wednesday, June 13 at 3 PM at the Hilton Downtown Salt Lake City hotel, Seminar Theater room.

You may also participate in this presentation remotely via Facebook Live video from the Team Mobilizer Facebook page at 3 PM MT on Wednesday, June 13.


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